Jan 1, 2020
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I just got accepted, so of course, now the question is how to pay for all of this. Does anyone know a lot about the NHSC scholarship program? I'm not worried about living rural, I have lived in the middle of nowhere my entire life, it's honestly heaven to me. So my major points of interest would be:
When/How to apply? Around when do they usually open the application?
Are there any hidden catches?
I know it's hard to get, any tips?
I would also be interested if anyone knows of any small scholarships (as in NOT a service commitment type scholarship) open for dental students, and when it's best to apply for these?
Sep 9, 2019
It says you need an account on this? Can someone please clarify as I would like to know as well. I apply in May/June cycle and was wondering if I apply around then or do I apply after I get accepted? Please give any information as it will help. Thank you


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Feb 2, 2002
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  1. Dentist
Yes you do need to register on Dentaltown. They need to verify you are a dentist. Contact the admins if you are still a student or pre-dent with an acceptance and they will help you register. I’ve seen students post relevant questions before. It’s set up this way so the average person from the public doesn’t come across the sensitive nature of topics discussed between professionals.

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