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Feb 20, 2012
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I wanted to post and let people know that I just received notification today that I was awarded NHSC loan repayment assistance for the 2020 SUD application cycle as a pharmacist. Other than in those states that have adopted a state LRP program that matches NHSC funding dollars, this is the only way pharmacists can qualify for NHSC LRP funding. We are excluded from the NHSC primary care LRP.

There wasn't a lot of guidance I could find out there for pharmacists, so I thought I would post to provide my experience. I missed the 2019 application cycle because my employer didn't update their services as a FQHC to include SUD services before last year's application deadline. They actually seemed mystified by the whole thing, even though NPs and other providers had received NHSC primary care awards in the past.

I then spent the next year harassing my boss and basically everyone else above her before finally getting a senior leader to pay attention and direct someone with access to the BHW site portal to update our services. The update to an eligible site really didn't take that long--maybe 7-10 days max from when they submitted proof of our SUD services. It CAN be done at any time throughout the year. That was one thing my employer was confused about. Getting them to fill out my employer certification correctly was another challenge, and I had to delete the first one because they mistakenly said I didn't meet licensure requirements. :-/

The application deadline was 5/21/20, and I was notified 7/7/20. I think our HPSA score was 19 or thereabouts. I was pleasantly surprised by how soon I was notified, as I figured I might be down the list of applicants since, as a pharmacist, I didn't meet a top applicant category because of not having a DATA 2000 waiver. I was awarded the full amount of $75,000 for a 3-year commitment.

This is pretty life-changing for me, and I'm beyond thrilled. I just wanted people to know that this option does exist for pharmacists at FQHCs or other HPSA sites and we really do qualify for this kind of loan assistance.
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Sep 10, 2020
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Can you please let me know how you got them to update their services? I work at an FQHC and although they stated they have updated their services to SUD, HRSA stated that they are not showing as an SUD site. Thank you!
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