Nissin Dental TFU-1 31 Teeth Soft Gingivae Type Dentoform/Typodont

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Jan 31, 2008
TFU-1 - Soft silicone gingivae with 31 screw-retained teeth, edentulous site #19. #6 is missing but the screw for a replacement is included. Replacement teeth are guaranteed to fit identical to the teeth originally received with models making these the most predictable models on the market. Standard pink gingivae (GSF). Great for operative dentistry or fixed prosthodontics practice.

OCC - Oral Cavity Cover for use with the Kilgore typodonts - Flexible pink cover made with realistic resistance of the lips and cheeks is used to simulate the Oral Cavity for real-life practice situations in school or office settings. Tear in cover can be seen in open typodont picture. (Surrounds the model and is attached under the articulator)

Listed Price: $212.00

Please PM with offer if interested.