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May 20, 2007
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So I just wanted to know about things not related to knowing the info that can elevate/lower your success on the Step 1

1)timing problems- is there sufficient time, do ppl run out of time
2) lenth of questions - ive read some questions are long, im worried i had a below average in verbal on the MCAT, english 2n language
3)stamina- did you feel that you got too tired toward the end and missed questions because you didnt read them carefully enough

any other factors that you think are important


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Aug 14, 2002
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The Step 1 is a marathon. Best to train for it like you would for a marathon. I recommend buckling down one day and simulating test day, i.e. do 7 blocks of questions back to back (with small breaks in between) just like test day. Many questions are pretty long but if you get used to reading fast, time shouldn't be a problem. Get used to picking up hints and keywords in the question stem. I had done a lot of stamina building before test day, but I was still tired by the 5th block. Taking a 5-7 minute break after each block and snacking on something helped me keep going. You will probably get tired by the 5th block too, but just keep it in your mind that the test is almost over.
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