Mar 11, 2021
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Hi everyone,

Non-traditional prospective student here. Not sure if this is the right sub ...

I am 30 and hold a BA (anthropology & biology). My GPA is 3.4 at the most generous calculation. I have a job as an environmental specialist in Canada. I also hold dual citizenship as an EU national. I have not completed any physics, statistics, mathematics or chemistry coursework, but I have a great deal of upper-level biology.

Finances are a significant part of my consideration. It is extremely expensive to live where I do, and I know I will never be able to build a good life here in my current career trajectory. Choosing medicine will mean effectively studying for the rest of my 'youth,' as well as forgoing a decade of prime saving-for-retirement years. I do carry student loans from my first degree and have no assets.

I have always had an interest in medicine, particularly anaesthesiology, sociological determinants of health and pharmacology. I took courses in medical anthropology and focused on plant biology in school.

I am considering studying in Italy (in English), or anywhere in Europe, given that I may have higher chances of admission and it is more affordable.

I have a few questions:

1) Is age 30 (graduating at age 36, as medical school in Europe takes six years) too old? Are there other pathways? What alternatives could I consider?

2) Does anyone know where I could find information on transferring Italian MD credentials to Canada, should I wish to return?

3) Generally, what would you do? Is considering re-training in medicine pragmatic -- or even feasible at this point?

I so very much appreciate any input!
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May 27, 2019
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I wanted to at least pipe in for your answers to 1 and 3. I am 37 almost 38 and applying to med school. The general consensus on here is you're not too old. There are many threads of people starting much older than 30. Goro is an adcom on here who has mentioned graduating someone at 50. If medicine is your passion, you're not really ever too old. I add that with the caveat that certain specialties like surgery, etc might be out of reach. Also keep in mind that while 6 years is to get your MBBS or whatever equivalent, depending on the country, you might have several more years after that to become fully practicing in your subspecialty. Be sure to look into those aspects and what it would take to get into those positions. My overall advice is to figure out where you want to live and practice and apply in that country.
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