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Mar 22, 2002
chicago, IL
    hi...i'm a third year at northwestern. in general, i've been really happy here. and i think that goes for a lot of my classmates too. it's very laid back. people still work really hard...but there isn't a lot of competition between students. first 2 years are pass/fail; third year is a little bit more hard-core. although it's not perfect, in general i like the curriculum here. it's systems based...and we're not stuck in lecture all day. so it's up to you to budget your study time. a lot of self-directed learning. another plus: we're in the heart of downtown chicago, right on the lake. it's a great location.
    i can't really think of any huge gripes i've had with the program here. i feel like we're being pretty adequately prepared...northwestern usually does pretty well on the match...but it's not a malignant program at all.
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