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Jan 1, 2009
The recent thread influx of NP's and PA's as 'equals' further supports one conclusion.

The complete care of America is no longer the burden of the physician. We have done our best to see as many people as effeciently and safely as possible. This is done at the cost of losing percieved bedside manner and time spent with patients. America does not recognize our sacrifices and dedication to their health. NPs are making headway because they spend more time with patients. So be it. Let them all practice autonomously and now carry the burden of caring for America.

I advocate that physicians who know their worth from their years of training and experience actually market them. Opt out of insurance and embrace the free market. This is the only way to clearly show there is a difference in training, and outcomes. As long as we slave away under the yoke of government and insurance restrictions we will practice the same cook book medicine that equates us with midlevels. Restore the patient-physcician relationship and its rich history.

It will take years to be a noticeable difference, but eventually the tiering will be evident and our country will see the folly in these policies. The ship has long sailed, and is charging full steem into the iceberg. Launch your life raft now.