Jun 24, 2009
I'm a reapplicant (waitlisted in 2009) and I'd like some input on my personal statement dilemma.

I know it's best to rewrite my PS, but all of the places I interviewed talked about how much they liked it. I don't want to mess with a good thing. And I like it. And not much has changed, I've just continued doing the research, clinical volunteering, shadowing.

But I was waitlisted last year, so it couldn't have been THAT good. I think the waitlisting was entirely due to my MCAT (29Q). My grades are good (cGPA: 3.6, sGPA: 3.8), experience is great, non-trad with a family and a master's degree. I honestly can't believe I got interviews with a 29Q so I'm retaking the MCAT in Sept. My practice tests have been averaging 34 so I hope that will make up for the MCAT weakness.

Otherwise, is it really bad form to resubmit the same (or essentially the same) essay?


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Mar 24, 2009
I've seen much debate on this topic on SDN. It varies from, "If it's perfect according to multiple readers, then reuse it," to, "If it didn't work before then why use it again?" I will take a middle road of saying you should at least tweak it and rearrange it a bit, as schools do save the Primaries and may compare them. One poster stated that an adcomm member told her she wouldn't be considered because she had not rewritten her PS.

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Jun 27, 2009
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I have no personal insight to offer on this matter, but have heard that it is best to write a new one altogether. Many schools have questions for reapplicants and ask about how you've changed, what you have learned, or what you have been doing over the course of the year between apps. I think they will want to see that you have a new perspective on the process that you did not have before. I have been thinking about how to strengthen my own app if this cycle proves to be unfruitful. Good luck. :luck: