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Feb 4, 2002
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I'm planning on taking both the COMLEX and USMLE this June. I realize that the USMLE is not required but I figure that as long as I'm preparing for the COMLEX and planning on applying to allopathic residency programs I might as well take the USMLE. Here's my question: lets say I perform much better on COMLEX than USMLE, am I required to send my lousy USMLE score to residency programs or can I just send the COMLEX scores?


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Aug 29, 2000
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You do not have to send the USMLE transcript during your ERAS application. PDs might and probably will ask you if you took Step I. However, it is to your advantage when applying to allopathic programs to submit your USMLE score. Don't worry about performance discrepancies. In general, most people score similar percentiles, some do worse and actually some do much better. Study hard for the COMLEX, supplement the molecular and genetics the COMLEX lacks, and you should do well on the USMLE.
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