Sep 16, 2010
New York
Hey Everyone,

I'm currently a junior Biology major, and have ~3.0 sGPA and a 3.14 cGPA. I took the MCAT over the summer and got a 37 (13 p.s., 12 v.s., 12 b.s.). I'm doing pretty well this semester...hopefully going to pull a 3.8 or so...but even if i do that and get a rly good GPA next semester, my overal gpas will probably only be about a 3.2 sGPA and a 3.4 cGPA. Should I be looking into a SMP or just some post-bacc work or should I have an ok chance at a MD with what I have? As far as ECs and LoRs go...they are very strong. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Mar 3, 2010
Medical Student
You should be fine, just apply broad and explain your grades. Unless you're downward trending hard gpa wise I think you have a good chance. You could always apply after senior year and just take a year off to apply/live/volunteer. Good luck