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Nova,CCOM,UHS,Toro,WVSOM,AZCOM,Iowa osteo

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by jscottc33, Dec 30, 1999.

  1. jscottc33

    jscottc33 Member
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    Dec 25, 1999
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    How would the people that have interviewed or attend the schools ranks them overall and give reasons why?

    j. scott carroll
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  2. Billie

    Billie An Oldie but a Goodie...
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    Nov 30, 1998
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    Hi Scoot,

    I am a second year at WVSOM. It is a pretty good medical school, but in a very rural area. Their main mission is turning out primary care docs for rural Appalachia.

    I am from WV, and plan on staying here, working in EM in a rural area. But many from out-of-state return home. If you are from a big city, there is some cultural shock once you are here. If you are from a rural area, it is a nice place with wonderful coffee shops and boutiques that you normally only find in bigger cities.

    Compared to the other schools mentioned? I would say if you are looking for a smaller school with a better one on one ratio of student to professor, in a small quiet town, and you pretty much want to do only primary care, then WVSOM would be a great school. But if you are convinced neurosurgery is where it is at, then perhaps you would want a bigger school in a bigger city. You would get a solid foundation to head into any residency here, but you might be disappointed in coming from a large area.

    If you need more info, or if I have not touched on anything you wanted to know, please feel free to e-mail me!

    Billie, MS-II

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