I was wondering what all you NOVA students thought of the school and of life in For Lauderdale. Also I was curious to learn more about HARVEY, the NSU website doesn't really give alot of info.

Thanks for your time,



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Aug 9, 2002
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I'm not a NOVA student, but I have some decent second hand info (and I never let the truth get in the way of a good rumor).

I have a good friend who is in dental school there (the dental students share most of the year 1 and 2 classes with the DOs). He absolutely loves it. Says that the school is very nice, and that Florida generally is pretty good.


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Actually, the dental students only really have one or two classes with us the first year. Second year we are completely separate from them... except for an occasional wassup in the hall between classes...

FL rocks, who wouldn't want to go there for medical school? I am from the DC area and went to undergrad in VA... I loved it up there but... hey, for a couple years, why not live in FL?

And as for Harvey, well, Harvey is Harvey. You take a couple classes with him your second year (cardio system) but that's about it. Yeah, its pretty cool, but you are so crazy during systems that you really can't absorb what you should. If i went back now to listen to it, it would mean a lot more to me now, as a fourth year...
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Mar 5, 2001
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Hey There!

The M1 class has a website, and we just added a "pre-med" forum, so come check us out and ask questions! :D We just had our first anatomy exam and we have biochem on Friday but a lot of us browse the website (though we don't have much time to post these days). I'll try to stop by and answer questions whenever I can... this is for anyone who is interested in Nova, interviewing there, looking to apply, etc... the M2's and everyone else on this website was AWESOME when we were in your position, so it's time for us to give back and we're ready! :D

Our website is: www.nsucom2006.com
Click on "message forums" on the menu on the left hand side of the page! Just register to post and away you go!

Best of luck! :clap:


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Jul 12, 2002
The website for your class is just awesome. Give my compliments to the creator!


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Apr 24, 2002
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I spent most of my life in Ft. lauderdale, only moving away because of OSU.

In my opinion it's a great city. I'm not a big fan of Miami, but Lauderdale and Palm Beach have the best of South Florida. If you enjoy really hot weather, it's the place for you. The area around NSU is nice, located next to an east-west highway which connects you to several north-south highways. This is good because South Florida tends to be spread out.

There's decent nightlife in several places, such south beach, cocount grove, riverwalk, cityplace, etc.

If you like metropolitan areas, Ft. Lauderdale is in the middle of one giant one stretching from South Miami to North Palm Beach, which is over 100 miles long.
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