Dec 7, 2010
Hi, I have heard on the forum that the AMA had recently do away with the fifth pathway program. I wanted to know if this is true and if it's true, what's the alternative for international students seeking residency in the US? I plan to apply for UAG school of medicine, and possibly enroll in their fifth pathway program so i can latter practice in the US. How would this new decision affect students like me? Thank you very much for reading.


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Oct 11, 2006
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An interesting development. It appears that the 5th pathway was closed as of Dec 2009. What's amazing is that there was absolutely no discussion about this that I know of -- no announcement at any meeting I've attended, etc. So I didn't know until reading this post and searching.

In any case, the 5th pathway was a very small and seldom used process of getting into the US. The requirements were quite strict -- you needed to go to undergrad in the US, medical school elsewhere, and then get into a 5th pathway program in the US of which there were only 2 or 3.

Now, you;d simply apply just like everyone else -- get ECFMG certified. You can still go to UAG, or elsewhere. What's gone is the chance to do that year of US rotations as a student as part of the 5th pathway.


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Apr 24, 2007
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One thing I have been wondering about, which I mentioned in a post awhile back, is that I found it really interesting the Oschner program starting being talked about, coming to light around the exact time they were closing down the Fifth pathway program. Since they both require US citizen's to partake, etc I thought this program might have been "filling the gap". I believe the Fifth pathway program was discontinued because it was found out that some dishonest things had been going on amongst the 1 program in Porto Rico. The only other program I believe was based in NY. Don't know if anyone could shed some light on this, probably just coincidence.