Sep 2, 2020
Hi all,

I passed August 2020 NYS Compounding Exam and I would like to share my thoughts on study materials I used. I went pharmacy school in other state and I didn't have much information on how to prepare for this exam. After researching SDN and Reddit, I used below study materials. I am not sure if the next exam will be virtual as well, but studying for NAPLEX also helped as there were some clinical questions. I hope this helps.

1. Dr. Cutie's note (7/10)

I purchased Dr. Cutie's note (2020) and read it 3 times, highlighting important information. I think his notes are out-dated and overpriced, and some answers are wrong. But it is still useful if you are not familiar with the exam. He also replies back within a couple of days if you send any questions. Overall, I recommend if you graduated from other state or not familiar with the exam.

2. PassNyRx (10/10)

This app is a gem. It provides most of information and tips you would need to pass the exam. It is cheap, too! They don't respond to your email, but most of information are up-to-date and I highly recommend it.

3. USA Pharmacy Exams (4/10)

The exam date was getting close and I was desperate to find another study material, so I purchased their Super Combo Pack. I dont remember the exact price, but it was quite expensive... Their LASA questions were useless because they are no longer tested in the exam and their patient profiles questions did not help. Their E&O questions were okay, but many questions were not available. Images didn't open... I contacted them serveral times regarding this, but no response. Overall, I don't recommend.
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Sep 22, 2013
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Hello! How was the virtual exam in August? I'm planning on taking it in January and would like to know what to expect. I don't know anyone else who took the exam so I feel like I'm going into it blind. I do have all the material you mentioned above. What type of questions where asked? How was the question and answer format? did they have a lot of calculation questions? Did they expect you to know how to compound medications without doing it in person? Any additional info would be great thank you!

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