NY DPT 2018-2019

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Mar 28, 2018
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Hey guys, with the new PTCAS application cycle opening up in just a few months, I figured I would start this thread for people applying to programs in New York.

Where are you guys applying and what are your stats like?

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Applying to Columbia, Stony Brook, NYIT, NYMC, Touro, NYU, LIU
As of now, overall GPA is 3.65 and pre-req GPA like 3.5 but this will probably go down as I am in physics 2 and physiology this semester and are both tough courses. I have like 80 observation hours right now but will be getting more in the beginning of summer and I plan on taking the GRE in late June or early July so I can apply early to these schools and others. I'm in 2 honor societies, did community service around my school and helped with events and stuff on my campus. Part-time job since 2013.