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Nov 10, 2010
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    Hello. I am a D4 and thinking of applying to a GPR or AEGD in NYC. I'm late in the cycle and my GPA/class rank is somewhere in the middle. However, I'm older, super involved in lots of programs, have lots of work, teamwork, leadership, etc. experience. So, my questions are:

    Which are the best places in NYC to do a PGY1 with regard to experience (love to learn implants as my D school doesn't teach it), stipend, and housing?

    What are my chances of getting in with these mediocre stats?


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    Aug 18, 2017
    1. Dentist
      A GPR will give you a well rounded advanced education. I definitely recommend applying to any of the NYC programs as there are many positions available throughout the region. Look at the program as a whole including the availability of faculty, specialists and patient population. I am amused when candidates question whether they can place implants as a PGY 1 resident when they have not done sufficient molar endo or perio surgeries in dental school.
      Salaries vary within the 50K range. Housing is typically not provided by the program. You are a bit late in the application process but I encourage you to apply. Good Luck!
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