NYITCOM-Jonesboro vs. William Carey COM vs. CUSOM

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Oct 26, 2023
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Hi everyone:

I was hoping I could get some opinions on these three schools here. I am trying to decide which school to attend. Any current students at these institutions that could provide some insight?

NYITCOM Jonesboro:

Smaller class size (115 I think?)
Low COL in jonesboro

Very expensive, tuition is like 66k a year
Iffy rotation sites
Doesn't appear like they are supported much by the state of AR
Remediation has been an issue in the past


I don't know a lot about this program, but I have heard they are a top DO program
Great SIM lab, this is about all I know
Great rotation options

Not sure of many cons, other opinions would be great
Very far away, I am from TX so NC is quite the change for me and my wife


probably the cheapest tuition of the three at like 44k
Good research opportunities
Seems to have good faculty support
Good match rates
Cost of living in hattiesburg is pretty cheap

I have heard they had issues in the past (but are improving)
COMLEX pass rates are hovering around the low 90% range? not sure if this is a cause for concern

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Hi! I am a current CUSOM OMS-II. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the school!
WCU doesn't feel as supportive as other schools because staff are very distant. The faculty are a little easier to get help and support from. Lots of issues with last minute class changes. Rn the first years have biochem online at nighttime after they had stuff on campus from 9-5. They've improved the research aspect a bit. There is a woman that her whole job is to help you fill out IRB, create the project, etc. But you have to come up with the project. They don't have a lot of them to go around unless you do summer or winter cadaver work. This institution doesn't have labs or anything with a PI. You have to find that elsewhere during break. Board pass rate went up, but be careful as students with lower practice scores don't even get to sit for the test (can falsely inflate the rate). They have safety mechanisms to allow students to repeat the year or enter a masters program and return the following fall rather than just letting you go, so I'd say course passing rate is more of a worry at first than boards. For boards, they do give you UWORLD, TrueLearn, Boards and Beyond, and a custom board prep program one of the professors runs.