Jun 19, 2020
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Hi New Yorkers:

I'm am looking to take the NYS Compounding Exam in January next year. I attend pharmacy school in another state and I am in my final year and unfortunately don't have much information on how to register for the exam and what the requirements are. I have been trying to do my research on the NYSED.gov website but it's kind of confusing to me. What forms do I need to fill out in order to apply for the exam? The NYS professions website says I need to fill out Form 1 and 4. Form 4 is used to confirm 1040 internship hours. Do they mean hours we have acquired during our IPPE and APPE rotations? Can I also use my intern ours from the pharmacy where I work at outside of school? And must the 1040 internship hour requirement be fulfilled before taking the compounding exam? On Form 4, I also need authorization from a representative of the state where I attend school (where I'm doing my intern hours), do they mean the state board of pharmacy in this state or can a representative be a faculty from my school that is responsible for experiential education?

All of the pharmacy students that I know personally from New York seem to run away to another state in order to avoid taking the compounding exam. Is it really that bad? Is it worth attempting to take the exam, especially since I don't have a strong background in this since I went to pharmacy school in another state? What is your advice on that?

For those who took the NAPLEX, MPJE and compounding exam all after they graduated pharmacy school, was it overwhelming trying to study for all within a short time frame? And how did you schedule your exams (NAPLEX, MPJE) for your advantage?

Are pharmacists working in other states still able to reciprocate back into New York state after working as a pharmacist for at least one year? I heard that New York has been planning to revoke this rule? What are your thoughts on this?

For anyone who took the compounding exam this year after the Covid pandemic began, I heard that the actual compounding portion was removed, is that so, and how was your experience? Does anyone know it the January 2020 exam would be in the same format?

Also are there any specific resources available that would help me to prepare for the exam?

Sorry for all the questions, just have so many unanswered questions to ask. Thank you in advance!

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