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NYU housing




    I wonder if there is any female (preferably Asians) who is going to NYU dental school this fall want to share a two-room apartment on the 25th street with me. It?s only 0.4 miles from dental school and cheaper than the dorms. Please e-mail me at [email protected] ASAP and I will send you more information about the place. Thanks!!

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      Hi everyone,

      I have just looked more into outside apartments around the dental school area and found that they are actually much more expensive than the dorms. Most of them are not included utilities and unfurnished. Well, I guess I am stuck with the dorms this year!!

      Good luck to all new dental students. And for those going to NYU, I will see you in August.


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        Hi, I am a female looking for a roommate at NYU. Please email me if you are interested at [email protected]. I am currently looking in the NYU housing registry online. You just have to get a NetID and set up your account. Also, try looking on villagevoice.com in the classifieds/real estate section. Many people in the housing registry are looking for roommates, and I found it to be much cheaper than oncampus housing. Many rooms comes furnished as well. Hope this helps!
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