NYU (off waitlist) VS UC Davis (in state) premed?


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Apr 22, 2020
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    hi yall! i just recently got off the waitlist for nyu, and was originally committed to davis (cali in state). both schools have a med campus relatively near to their main campus, but nyu is a lot more expensive than davis. though cost isnt a huge factor, i want to make sure going to nyu would be worth the cost and right now i'm not totally sure it is. though, going to new york for undergrad would definitely force me out of my comfort zone and allow me to grow a lot faster, while davis is arguably more of a comfort-zone choice. both nyu and davis have pretty great research and volunteer opportunities. i also don't know how feasible it is to come back to cali for med school if i go to nyu (as that is what i'm ultimately aiming for)?

    i know for premed it's generally whatever school is cheapest, in which case davis, but in the event i do want to switch to grad school or whatnot, i'm not sure if nyu would then be the better option? any thoughts would be appreciated, as i have to decide quite soon! thank you!!!


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    Mar 28, 2020
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      I would say go to UC Davis, if you are certain that you want to go into medicine. Undergraduate prestige doesn't matter as much, and you would be saving a lot of debt in the long-run for med school. However, if you are not certain about attending medical school, then figure out which one would provide you the upper-hand/name-brand recognition for graduate programs or other majors.
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