Aug 25, 2020
  1. Pre-Optometry

I just took the OAT and my academic average was a 280. I studied for the exam for 3 months and used multiple sources such as Kaplan, Chads prep, Course saver, OAT destroyer and Practice ADA exams. I wasn't fond of Kaplan because it seemed overly difficult for no reason especially the Orgo and Physics sections. I took the advice on many of these forums on which resources were supposed to be the most similar to the OAT. I went into the test with some confidence considering I was scoring well on my practice exams. The real OAT was nothing like what I had prepared for with these resources. I feel that I didn't really use any of the important formulas and concepts that got drilled into me. The ADA practice tests which most forums say are similar were nothing like the real one. I'm not sure where I went wrong and how I could improve on the next one. I used so many resources and I feel stuck now in terms of how to study again because I've exhausted some of these resources especially Chad's prep and Coursesaver. Any advice would be helpful!
Sep 15, 2020
  1. Pre-Optometry
Could you give a score breakdown? What parts did you struggle on and what part did you feel comfortable with? Even without knowing your scores, it'd be a safe bet to focus on the sections you struggled with most. Furthermore, can you give me a breakdown of how you studied/managed your time?

Even though I really felt like the ADA free practice test was most like the actual OAT, I think the Kaplan practice tests best prepared me mentally for "hell". I also enjoyed going over my wrong answers and seeing where I could improve. I also used a lot of free question banks at Sample Questions - OAT Question of the Day. I didn't go through them all, but those questions were very helpful as well and modeled the OAT questions very well.

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