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Apr 6, 2019
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  1. Pre-Optometry
Hey everyone! I just took my OAT last week and wanted to share my experience. Before my OAT i read almost every post about it, so I hope I can help just a little bit!

Practice tests:
I took 6 practice tests. I did them all in the last 2 weeks before my exam -- one every other day. I would take the exams early in the morning (when my actual exam was scheduled), but I would rush through them without double checking my answers. Honestly, I didn't take them too seriously and just used them as timed practice. The kaplan tests were pretty representative for BIO, but way harder for physics and chem. Princeton's cracking the OAT was pretty representative of the exam.

Kaplan Diagnostic390400380380380400390390
Kaplan 1390350340380380340360360
Kaplan 2380390390350380370390380
Cracking the OAT 1400380390370380390
Cracking the OAT 2380400400390400400
ADA OAT400370400360400400
REAL OAT400400400400400400400400

Study Schedule:
I gave myself ~3 months to study (May to August). However, I didn't really start grinding until July. I spent the first month and a half going through the big blue kaplan book. I made some notes and anki cards (but never ended up using them). After, I purchased an old copy of the DAT Destroyer and worked through all the problems in about ~2-3 weeks ( I did around 150 questions a day). I then re-reviewed all the material in the kaplan book, watched videos, found biology quizlets etc, and took some practice tests before my exam.

Honestly, I can't focus for too long so my study schedule throughout the day looked like : wake up around 9/10, study until lunch, chill for a few hours, study until dinner, chill for a few more hours, then study for another hour or 2 before quitting.

I think pacing yourself and taking it easy is really the key. Try not to burn out too early and keep a positive mindset :)

Study Material:
1. KAPLAN blue book:
The book is a great review for biology and thats about it. The chemistry and physics section glaze over concepts really quickly, I don't think it teaches the material very well. It does give you a good glimpse into the material you should be studying tho!
2. DAT destroyer: Definitely way harder than what is actually tested. I went through every problem and probably only got around 60% right. It's a little discouraging to go through, but I think it definitely exposes you to a variety of problems that you may encounter.
3. PRINCETON Cracking the OAT: This book is really only great for physics. It goes through a bunch of physics concepts and problems that you may encounter. The practice tests that came with it were pretty good (however, I think there were a few errors).
4. CHADS videos: I didn't pay for a subscription, but I did watch some of his chemistry and physics videos. he has this super great O chem reaction sheet that you can find on his website. Memorize all of those reactions and you should be set. As well, he has free OAT practice tests that are really great for practice. I honestly loved his site and wish that I used it sooner. One of the questions that appeared on my OAT was actually a question he went over in his videos!
5. DAT bootcamp: They also have a similar o chem reaction sheet that I found useful. As well, they have free biology quizlets for EACH chapter. I went through all of the quizlets and wrote down anything I got wrong, then reviewed that sheet before my exam.
6. Organic Chemistry Tutor: Literally explained so many chemistry and physics problems. Hands down a super good channel.

Test Day:
- I was super nervous and arrived early
- Biology was a mix of everything. Nothing too hard. I did flag a few questions.
- Gen Chem and O Chem were straightforward and were a mix of concepts and calculations. It was easier than any of the practice tests
- Reading Comp was absolute hell. I usually skim the passage then do search and destroy. But I had trouble finding anything and was panicking during the whole thing. I didn't even skim/read the second passage at all. Honestly, I don't know how I got a 400 in this. It was literally a giant toss up.
- Physics was very conceptual. Almost no calculations.
- Math was easy. It's one of my best subjects so I didn't think too much when doing it.

Final Advice:
- y'all are gonna kill it
- Take it easy, don't stress too much, and believe in yourself!
- definitely review and cover all your bases, don't be scared to push back the test date if you're not prepared.
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Sep 7, 2019
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  1. Pre-Optometry
Hello! I currently have less than 5 days before my exam. I'm hoping to practice the questions that are most similar to the actual OAT. Do you feel that the questions from Chad's free OAT practice tests mirror the questions on the real OAT? On the ADA OAT practice, I struggled with the calculations questions about moving an object/exerting force. Please let me know if Chad's physics questions were more similar to the actual OAT.
Apr 17, 2017
Can you give an example of a conceptual physics question? I've been going over calculations so I don't really understand how they would ask the questions. Also, where can I find chads free OAT practice tests? I have his regular subscription but he doesn't have an OAT section. Were you referring to coursesaver?
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