May 5, 2016
Sooo my OAT is in less than a week. I just took the last kaplan practice test, and something weird happened where I basically froze up after the break and bombed the physics and QR section. Definitely got the lowest score I've gotten on them. The practice test I took before this one went really well, so I was hoping this would be similar.

I don't even know if it because I don't know the physics material well enough because it is definitely my weak point and my scores on that fluctuate. For both the last two sections I left SO many blank because I think I just got tense after not understanding the first few physics questions. Has this happened to anyone else?

I thought I was ready enough, and I want to take it asap so I can focus on my apps, but this last test really threw me off? I would appreciate any input/advice. Much thanks!


2+ Year Member
Apr 26, 2016
The physics in the real OAT is much easier than the Kaplan full length. The calculations are much straight forward. When I was doing Kaplan, I ran out of time in physics section, but when I wrote the real OAT I still had 7 mins left when I finished the section. But, I'll suggest to go over all the basic concepts and equations one day before test. You'll be fine.