Jul 28, 2009
Hello pre-optometry students! I'm a first year optometry student looking to sell my old OAT prep material. To share a little of my own OAT preparation experience.. I bought all these materials used (but in great condition) from another optometry student who had taken the Kaplan Prep Course. These are the only items I used to prepare for the OAT (no classes taken). I studied for about 7 weeks, did well on my test, and got into my first choice school, SCCO. After two uses, the material is a little worn (ie: bent edges and writing), but definitely still serves as GREAT study resources.

This is what I have:

-2008 Kaplan Review Book (exclusively for prep class students)
-2007 Kaplan Lesson Book (used in congruence with the prep course)
-Brand new OAT/DAT Flashcards (unopened)
-OAT/DAT Quicksheets for GChem, OChem, Bio, Math, and Physics
-OAT-style whiteboard (as used on test day)
-OAT Destroyer for Physics
-OAT Destroyer for GChem, OChem, Bio, and Math

The Kaplan Review Book is a ginormous monster of a book with everything you would possibly need to know for the OAT, while the OAT Destroyers drill you with hundreds of practice problems (solutions included). I bought everything for $350, but am selling only for $180 due to the used condition and marked answers -- definitely beats paying $1600 for a prep class!

If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thanks and good luck preparing!