Aug 15, 2017

I just took my real OAT exam today.

My scores,

BIO 370
Gchem 350
Ochem 390
RC 270
Physics 320
QR 360
TS 360
AA 340

As you guys can see, I am happy with all of my science scores. But, what worries me here are my RC scores!! I scored below average! I don't know what happened. I am generally a very slow reader and I may have freaked out during the exam!

I read on here that certain schools have a minimum for the RC section in order for them to even consider you. I really want to attend UC Berkeley School of Optometry but afraid that I may not be able to anymore.

Obviously, I am not going to take the exam again!! Any advice on what to expect with such low RC scores?
Aug 31, 2017
The only thing I can say is they might ask you about it in the interview just to see what you would say? So when you plan for interviews maybe have a reason ready.
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