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OAT Study Prep

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Jun 12, 2020
  1. Pre-Optometry
Hi everyone,

I've solely depended on the use of the OAT version of the DAT Bootcamp. I'm really struggling in bio and physics and I just really would like to know how detailed the biology section is on the exam. Will memorizing the DAT Bootcamp 121 page bio document suffice? Also, for the physics section, the DAT Bootcamp has study materials but it consists of multiple rearrangements and steps to solve the problem and I'm not sure if it's is an accurate representation of the test. If anyone has any comments please let me know!
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Jul 7, 2020
  1. Optometry Student
I remember physics being the toughest section on the test but biology is the first section you take so nerves play a role in how you complete it. I never used the DAT Bootcamp, just the Kaplan book so I don't know the specifics of that program. The biology section is broad from what I remember. There were more questions on natural sciences than I expected so really just try to review the basics of all subjects in biology, especially anatomy. Don't stress about it because the more you do, the more difficult the test will become when you actually take it. All I can say for physics is practice practice practice. The only way to prepare for physics besides knowing your formulas well is to just complete practice problems. It's most people's toughest section. Good luck! See you out there!

K Seawell, ICO 24'
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