Ochem reaction mechanisms

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Oct 19, 2019
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I feel like all I ever post about is chemistry and how it's SO difficult for me to grasp which just panics me.

No matter what I do, I cannot grasp mechanisms and SO MANY DAT questions in the Destroyer are on this topic so I know it's extremely important. Idk what to do 😭

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Just look at chads website... he does a good job explaining all things chemistry and post these kinds of topics in the DAT thread
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Hey! Personally, I didn't experience many mechanism questions on the DAT. It was more of basic concepts.
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Well that makes me feel a LITTLE better! Haha. Thank you!
Chem on the DAT is very basic questions and never require more then 1 step.. basically just understand the basics of Chem.. watch those chads videos and work your way through the destroyer and you’ll be more then ready
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