Official Pre-Dental Personal Statement Reader List 2024-2025

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Dec 25, 2016
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Hey guys! Time for a new thread 🙂

Here are some helpful links in regards to writing your PS:
**The Official Personal Statement Guide and PS Readers List **
To Premeds: General Advice on Personal Statements
Depakote's Personal Statement Guide/Tips

Just a few notes:
  • It may be helpful for you to include a bit of a background (ECs especially), so the reader knows a little more about you and can help go from generic -> personal
  • Contact the reader via PM to find the best way to share your PS-- Do NOT post your email address (or any other personal information) here.
    • Common ways are directly in a PM, via Word through emails/attachments, or Google Docs.
  • Reading PS's takes time, so give your readers a week or two to get back to you
  • Be sure to have multiple people look at your PS, including other readers and friends & family too!
  • Be wary of those applying this cycle- not to say everyone is out to get you and they're gunna copy your PS, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Please only send the readers final drafts. They are busy and do not have hours to spend working through a PS with you. Please proofread your statement and send it to us for feedback regarding content/flow.
  • If you would like to be added or deleted from the list, PM me! (And include any information you'd like users to know).
  • This is strictly on a volunteer basis, so do NOT ask for money or any other type of compensation. You will be removed & reported.
  • If you are unable to read/getting swamped/anything, please let any new requests know so that they aren't waiting on you, and let me know if you'd like to be taken off the list.
  • Do NOT share any part of a user's PS without their permission.
Readers available! (arranged by year, then school):
@frentist - CO 2024 UIC
@OncePreDent - D2 Roseman, willing to read a few PS's, but please note the 3-year program keeps them busy!
Not available. Please don't message these users about reading your PS!:
@Ryxndek - D2 Minnesota

- If you have any issues, such as a reader not getting back to you timely or an applicant/reader being rude/harsh, please PM me! I'd like to know the issue and work towards solving it.
- Remember, if you'd like to be added, PM me or @Ryxndek or post here

PM the reader asking if they are available to read your PS! Do not post here, waiting for a reader to message you!! Do not also just send them your PS without asking!!

Best of luck everyone! Let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns! 🦷

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