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Oct 25, 2005
Hi all,

Hopefully this will clear up some rumours about the RF AP program. I sent them an email regarding all these rumours, and some additional questions, and here's the response I got (p.s. I omitted some personal questions that I asked them):

I have already posted this in the GT SMP vs. RF AP program thread, but I thought it would be more convenient for fellow SDNers to access the info here...the other thread is really crowded.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Applied Physiology (AP) Program at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS). As you may already be aware, the Applied Physiology Program is currently undergoing its annual review. During this review, a committee assesses all components of the program such as prerequisite test scores/gpa/materials, application form, application season timeline, program coursework and structure. Although it is possible that some of these items may be modified for 06-07, to date, there have been no changes made to the program, its tuition, curriculum or mode of course delivery. The statements you have presented are only rumor. Official notification of any changes to the program will be released by the Director of the Program or Office of Academic Affairs through official University channels.

With regard to the GPA and MCAT evaluation, applications are screened on their entire merit, not one specific area. While adequate preparation in these areas is ideal, items such as course selection, preparation in the sciences, grade trends and extracurricular/volunteer involvement is also taken into consideration. All international applicants are required to submit additional materials, as mandated by the Federal Government. These will be outlined in the application materials, upon release, and usually consist of items such as assessment of verbal/written skills, financial responsibility, and transcript conversion into American course equivalents (where applicable).

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to submit your contact information (address/phone/email) so that we can notify you as soon as information becomes available. We anticipate that this information will not be available until mid January at the earliest. If you have any further questions, please feel free to address them to my office.

Caryn Wickersheim
Manager, Office of Graduate Admissions
M.D./Ph.D. Administrator
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
847 578-8601


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Mar 14, 2004
Thanks for the post!!

keeping my fingers crossed that they don't change anything! :)
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