Mar 24, 2019
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Hello all, I hope you are all staying safe.

Our program received an email detailing how and when the OKAPS would be administered. I have spoken to several residents who are concerned on how this "score" would be interpreted. We are all aware that the OKAPS are not to be used by fellowships or to evaluate a candidate, however they are asked by the programs and they do look at them. Programs still have the option of not taking them. How is your program handling this? Will most program choose to take them?

Thanks in advance.


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Dec 26, 2015
Fellow [Any Field]
I think most programs will end up taking them. The email said that the score report will only include a raw score and % correct but will not include comparative percentiles so hopefully this will discourage cross-comparison across residents. My experience during last year's fellowship interviews was that only ~1/4 -1/3 of places ever asked for OKAP scores.
I think there are benefits to taking the exam: 3rd years to have a chance to see how they stand before the boards, and 1st years to get a feel for the exam before they take it as 2nd years.


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May 8, 2010
Our program will take it. I wonder if the BCSC online test (2-3k questions?) is a better estimate of our knowledge or deficiency. Why limit yourself to a few hundred questions when you are already doing thousands...
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