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Jun 19, 2011
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I am a 32 year old guy. I am considering the possibility of going back to school and hopefully ending up in medical school. I initially graduated high school and went on to get a 2 year AAS degree in applied science as a paramedic. I have been working as a firefighter/EMT since I was 18, so yes 14 years, and have been a paramedic for 6 of those years. I carried a 3.5 throughout my assosiates program. I am rolling many of the credits such as A&P, microbiology, pharm, english into my bachelor program. I haven't decided what bachelor program to go into. I am not sure if this can be done, or how to even start. I found that I Regis University will take near full credit for many of the classes that I would need, because I got my AAS at thier "sister" school.
Anybody have any advise on if this is even going to be possible, and what road I need to take?


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Dec 17, 2009
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Absolutely, it can be done! As far as a degree, it doesn't matter what degree you get, as long as you fulfill the requirements for med school. So, my opinion would be to major in something useful... ie, something that you can get a job with if you were to decide NOT to go to med school. Not, that, that is the plan, but it's always good to have a backup degree to fall back to... given that you are a paramedic you already do have a backup, but it never hurts to think.

Also, see if the university you are looking to attend has a continuing education office, this is the perfect place for nontrads and you could get some advice as far as a major/timeline/etc from them!


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Jul 15, 2010
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Welcome Tadder... Firstly, you're not "older"... you're 32... anyway, yes it can be done, there's bunches of people way older than you who are doing the same thing... Hopefully some of the GE credits you had to take to get your AAS will transfer to Regis as well as the A/P etc... That will help shorten your time for your BS... Pick any major, as long as you can get great scores in it, it doesn't matter.... The almighty GPA is the most important thing...

Best of luck to you...