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Feb 12, 2005
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Where is the best place to do OMS externships?
Some say to do them at places were you get a ton of experience.
Others say do them where you want to go.
Do program directors like to see big names for externships?
Which programs allow the extern to do alot of stuff?
I'm looking for the golden ticket. A program that I get great experince, has good schools for my kids, great city, and a program that I don't get killed at.
I would like to be a great OMS, but I would like my kids to know what my face looks like. Are there any programs like this? If there are, would it be a bad move to extern at these programs, and seem like a weak applicant to other programs?

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Oct 24, 2004
The most common places I see on applications are: New Orleans, Parkland, and your own school. Houston, Alabama, Oregon, a Florida program, and a California program also come up pretty often.

Extern someplace that's going to give you exposure to a lot of things and let you do a lot of things. Stay at least three weeks. Also, ask them if they have a place to stay or if you're going to have to pay for housing (three weeks in a hotel isn't cheap).

Once you go someplace with broad exposure, then do an externship where ever you think you want to attend. Remember, externships can hurt you quicker than they can help you. Don't get me wrong, you need to do one, but if you're a 'tard on your externship everyone will remember.