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Omfs internship with implant placement training

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Full Member
10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Dec 24, 2008
Ya. You're going to work 12-18 hours a day running scud work, writing orders, taking call for dental and facial, and taking care of surgical patients, sweat balls in point and pull clinic popping out bombed out dentition, and then, occasionally, you might place 5-25 implants that year for which you will likely receive no follow up or input on their placement or restorability.

Or, you could do a GPR in a VA and place 25-50, restore them, not have call, not do that scud work, and complete a reasonable day in term of hours, while keeping sharp on your basic dentistry.

Or, you could pony up some cash and take a CE on implant placement, because it's putting a screw in a bone, and be done with it in weeks, while still making a great income and thus, netting more cash then using a GPR for the sole purpose of learning implants.

OMFS internships serve to train people for OMFS residencies....not how to place implants.
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New Member
Feb 7, 2013
  1. Dental Student
Thanks for the input. I agree on what ur saying and it absolutely makes sense. But I am not asking about the internship only as a way to learn implants. I am interested in OMFS residency and planning to apply during internship. The thing is, assuming the worst case scenario where I didn't match after doing the internship, at least I would have learnt something important if I decided to work as a GP instead of applying for the third time. Just trying to figure out the best win win scenario.
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10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Jan 29, 2007
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Rzh, Not really going to learn how to place implants in an internship.
Maybe get some third molar experience under local.
Definitely learn how to take some call and t-up a patient for the OR.
Definitely learn some lac management in the ED.
So many make internships and just general work out to be some difficult thing.
It is manageable.
I wish you well.
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