Aug 29, 2015
Hello everyone. I'm new to SDN, but frequently browsed the forums back when i was applying to dental school. Over the past year Ive become more interested in OMFS decided to give the cbse a shot last february to help prepare for my application. I had some questions about OMFS applications and my statistics.

I am a junior in dental school right now. My cbse score from last february was a 62. I wasn't able to take it in Aug 2015 (even though i had prepared for it), because of a family emergency. I am studying in the USA on a F1 visa (canadian). I have an overall GPA of about 3.96, which should have me somewhere in the top 10% (i hope).

With all that considered (cbse, gpa, citizenship), what would be your assessment on the likelihood of landing interviews and potentially matching? I know the sub-65 on the cbse hurts me, but i am not sure by how much. I'm attending one of the 'ivy' dental schools, but i'm not sure how much weight that actually holds (i don't mean to sound pretentious by mentioning this).

Should I seriously consider retaking the cbse even though finding time to study for it is going to very tough.

Thank you for all your insight.
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Jun 18, 2011
Since you are still a junior, it would be best if you tried to get a higher score on the CBSE. You still have 2 more shots at it.

Being top 10 in an Ivy school and not breaking a 65 may be worrisome, and you're being compared to your classmates when program directors send out interview invited. They usually have only 20-30 interview spots for applicants across the country and it wouldn't make sense for them to invite 10 from the same school.