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Aug 16, 2005
Hey if anyone has any information on this please let me know. I received an e-mail from Meharry not too long ago stating my application was put on HOLD and that rest of the pool of applicants was being reviewed. Then I was told that I was being highly considered for their post bac program and that I would know after May 15. Have I been rejected? What is this post bacc program? Do I have to take the MCAT again any information would be great!!
Do most of their post bac students get in the next year or do I have to reapply?
I so want to go to this school should I contact Mr. Mosley to express interest either way I would like to attend.

Let me know


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Jan 23, 2005
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The best thing to do in this situation is to call them. If you are highly being considered for their post-bac program, which is pretty large, and if you do well in it you basically are guaranteed a spot, then that probably means that they couldn't get past part of your application. Calling them will help you to figure out what part of your application is holding back your interview/acceptance there. Contacting Mr. Mosely would definetely be your best bet for figuring what is going on. But if they are already mentioning a post-bac program, that seems to me to be a strong indication that they may not accept you directly into the class of 2011, but they still want you to come to their school in the post-bac program.
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