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Sep 8, 2009
Alright guys and gals, this will more or less be my last post here as I have nothing to add to a Psychiatry forum... well other than snarky and sarcastic comments and I don't want OPD suing me for trademark infringement ;).

Anyway, we kept track of some numbers during my wife's interview process and I thought they were pretty interesting so I'll share them here. Some background is in order for context. I used to travel a lot for my job so much of our second look expense was minimal as we used free flights/hotel rooms/rental cars. We were also able to use a few of these during her solo travels. We live in a central location geographically so our expenses are quite a bit lower than those living on the coasts flying to the other coast for interviews. She only flew Southwest so that's why one way flights are counted.

Here's what we came up with:

Other Costs (Suits, Alterations, ERAS, NRMP, Etc.) $1,249
Misc Costs (Food, Gas, Rental Cars, Parking, Taxi, Etc.) $1,022
Air Fare $977
Hotel $383
Total spent $3,631

Other interesting numbers:
Mileage for Interviews Driven to: 1078
Thank you letters/e-mails 50
Applications 23
Interview Invites 22
Interviews 12
One way flights (Free) 11 (2)
Programs Ranked 10
Program-Paid Hotel nights (Partial) 6 (1)
Self-Paid Hotel nights (Free) 5 (1)
Dinners with Residents 5
Second Looks 3
Rental cars 2
Speeding Tickets 1

I guess this is where I should end with something like "Matching in Psychiatry: Priceless." :p

It's been fun folks, I'll try to get my wife to sign-up on here and share her thoughts but don't hold your breath. Bye!