One day left til CK...last minute tips?

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Jul 14, 2006
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Trying to decide what to focus on...I haven't been the best studier so far (that's an understatement). I've done about 30% of USMLEWorld, skimmed some of Secrets for Step II, and skimmed a little of First Aid...that's about it. Should I just try to do as many questions from USMLEWorld as possible? Or is there a better strategy?

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Well, if you say that you've been blowing off studying to this point, then cram as much as you can. But honestly, for me it was more helpful to take it easy for at least the night before the exam and go into it rested.
I was in a similar position yesterday and just got home from taking the darn thing today. Yick! My advice would be to focus on reading Secrets- and focus on the chapter areas you are weakest in. It's a nice, fast review and lots of high yield information. I was happy that was what I used as my last-minute cram source.

That said, get lots of sleep. Information will come back to you as you take the exam, and there will always be a good handful of small details that you'll have to take a best guess on. Oh, and pack lots of snacks to give you fuel throughout the day. Good luck! It's not as scary as Step I- and, it won't have any influence on the match (presuming you're applying now for residency).
1-it's too late to learn anything new
2-don't OD on amphetamines during or before the test

you'll be fiiiiine