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Mar 25, 2005
Ok. So i have a question for anyone that can help. I've been offered a really good research position, but they told me that they are expecting a one year job commitment. I'm applying to schools right now, but i'm pretty late in the game and not sure if i'm going to have a good chance this year. But by some miracle i do get accepted i will have to leave before a year is finished. Do jobs usually make you sign a contract stated that you are committed for a set amount of time? I know that its messed up of me to walk away from the job if i get into medical school but i've been looking for a job for over month and every job asks for some type of commitment. i need to find a job quick because i need a money, my credit card bills are rising and my rent is coming up. Thank you in advance for any advice.



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May 22, 2005
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There are many jobs that do NOT require a year long commitment, but the jobs are just not "prestigious" eg: waiting tables, tending bar, admin. assistant, temp work etc. I think getting a research position might hurt you more than help you, and here is why:

If you get the job, you can't really ask your PI for a LOR because then s/he will know you are going to bail early, feel betrayed and not write the best letter. During your interview, it will be difficult to explain why you put down XXX research on your application, but have no letter from the PI. Plus, many people could read between the lines and assume that you are bailing early - so you would lose loyalty points.


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Aug 24, 2005
from my experience, if you sign a contract and get a signing bonus, then you are usually required to repay the bonus if you leave before the contract is up. without a signing bonus, i doubt there will be a contract, and the 1 year will proabaly just be a handshake deal. i wouldnt want to go in to something if i knew i couldnt fulfill my obligations, but at the same time, when there are bills to pay you have to do what you have to do. also, though they say there is a 1 year commitment there is no guarantee they will pay you for a year.
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