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Online Courses during COVID


New Member
May 26, 2020
  1. Pre-Dental
Hey everyone, I'm trying to take biology over the summer to catch up on dental school pre-requisites at a local community college, except the issue being that it is a fully online course (lab included, although we do have at-home lab kits). Initially, I had registered for it in the spring knowing it was completely online because my university was also transitioning to remote learning at the time. Several of my professors and coworkers had stated that the summer courses would be online as well, so I figured it wouldn't be an issue. Although I highly prefer in-person learning and will finish out the rest of my pre-requisites and college years in-person, I didn't think doing biology as an online class would cause discrepancies as it is highly likely it would have already been online.
Today was the first day of classes and the panic started to set in about whether or not this would affect my dental school application, as it is a very important pre-requisite. Several things are in the air right now for my university as to how to proceed with STEM classes and whether or not labs would be held in person, so I still haven't received responses from instructors, advisors, or news from the school president. For reference, I live in Colorado; no one really knows what to do right now.
I read responses from other users who were curious about major pre-requisites being completed online and read that one or two classes wouldn't raise any eyebrows, but due to the nature of the pandemic and the specificity of my situation, I didn't feel as though it could be accurately applied.
Lastly, due to the fact that it is a community college, I believe there is a different section number from the in person classes. For example, BIO111-751 for online versus BIO111-001 in-person. Typically, online classes at a four year university aren't differentiated from in-person courses, but due to the fact that it is a transfer credit and it would be a separate transcript, it would be stated.
Optimally, I'd love to take biology over the summer as that would ease my workload this coming year. Would it be reasonable to state that I decided to take the online biology classes due to the circumstances previously stated? Should I just wait and try to take it in-person? I will attempt to reach more advisors and the dental school I hope to attend for followup answers tomorrow, but it has been extremely difficult to contact anyone nowadays.

Thank you so much. I am a first generation student, so any information is extremely helpful.
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