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Jun 29, 2023
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Hi all, I need some help making a reasonable out of state school list! I have no idea what schools are OOS friendly AND reasonable to include given my states. Any help would be appreciated.
Here are my stats, applying with disadvantaged status as Middle Eastern female, UCLA undergrad, California resident.

GPA: 3.94

MCAT: 502 --> 508

Clinical hours (employed): 900 (including hours I will do this year, 500 completed up until now)
Clinical hours (volunteer): 600
Non-clinical volunteer: 200
Research: 2 pubs + over 1000 hours all activities combined

Extracurricular overview: Research-heavy application emphasizing experiences focusing on social justice and health care inequities.

Overall really confident with my application (with my PS and activities) and am pretty confident that my LORs are strong.

Any ideas on some good OOS schools that might fit with my stats and accept CA applicants?
My ideas so far:
Revised school list here for out of state.
  1. drexel
  2. Case Western
  3. Georgetown
  4. Temple
  5. Brown
  6. Rush?
  7. Emory
  8. George Washington SOM

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Please describe how you grew up in a disadvantaged environment. What did you disclose in OIE? How well did you do with PREview or Casper?

With a FAP, you can apply, but you are throwing away a lot of donation money on your list. If you are giving yourself to apply to Harvard and Yale just to say you did, fine. But the other schools, except perhaps Drexel, are donations as far as we know. You don't really have any non-clinical volunteering showing service orientation disclosed, so you are at risk of getting screened out at many schools.

You must add DO schools to you to your list unless you want to spend more money reapplying. Western should be on your list. Charles Drew does not match with you unless you grew up in a predominantly African-American and resource-disadvantaged part of California. Stanford is out of your league unless you have a specific mission fit, but the 508 I think is really low.
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Do you have any in person physician shadowing hours ? What does your 200 hours of non clinical volunteering involve ?
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Rush requires hundreds if not thousands of hours focusing on service. We really have NO idea what activities you have but it doesn’t look like you have enough service hours to the unserved/underserved.
It would help so much if you could redo your post and describe your activities. You might well have everything you need for service oriented schools but we have no way of knowing with what you have shared.

Be aware that many schools will average your MCAT scores. AMCAS rec that schools average multiple scores. Some do and some don’t and there is no way to know who does.l