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Opinions about Texas Rad-Onc Programs


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 15, 2002
For all those 3rd years getting ready to enter the process....here are some brief thoughts about Texas programs (funny cuz I got more interviews from Texas--than I did from my home state).

MD Anderson: Of course this is the great chieftain--the very best program in the country bar-none by most people's standards. Great clinical, great research, great facilities, great reputation, great size, great opportunities, great location, basically best in everything.

San Antonio: I would say this is the second best program in Texas (great interview for me and others I know). Nice faculty, good teaching, residents are happy, great location. This program is definitely making a push to become a better-tier program by hiring more well-known staff, involving themselves in more basic and translational research, and becoming involved more nationally.

Galveston: Surprisingly good program (Everyone I interviewed with said same thing). Good teaching, decent research opportunities, not malignant. Could work on all of these areas but definitely getting better as well. Location is good but a bit limited in their diversity of training facilities. Nice organization and ancillary staff. Residents are kind and honest. Up and coming.

Baylor: Didnt interview there as they only interviewed those who did a rotation there. I do have two friends who did and from there opiinions it is surprisingly not that good. Residents are lower end on the quality and not too happy. Lost most famous person, losing prime teaching facility, losing affiliating with main private affiliate. Hope they recover. Also overshadowed by the king MD Anderson.

Comment on other programs:

Vanderbilt: All MD-PhD's--offered outside match--why wasted my time?

U. of Pitts: Nice program! Wouldnt mind going here. Lots of research and great clinical. Very nice faculty.

U. of Miami: OK program--awesome location!

MSKCC: Awesome facility--intimidating faculty...these residents work hard as hell though--but among two best names in country I'd say.

Wash U: Can you say malignant? One resident even made it a point to tell us not to go there.

Fox Chase: Very nice program. Awesome cancer center. Famous chairman. Great clinical and research. Residents are down to earth and very nice.

I've gotta run but maybe I'll post again--any comments from anyone else?

:clap: :clap: :clap: :hardy:


Senior Member
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Nov 3, 2003
Some comments from someone from TX:

San Antonio: traditionally, they have only interviewed or seriously considered candidates who were IM coard certified. Not sure if it's changed now.

Baylor: I would disagree on the quality of residents. Did a rotation there b4, and the residents are strong. MDA does not overshadow Baylor clinically. Very strong clinical program. Comng out of that program you will be as clinically strong as MDA residents. In terms of research, obviously, will be overshadowed based on sheer resources. Losing chairman huge huge loss, as he was 1 of reasons why he has been so strong clinically.

Wash U: did not have the same experience as previous post. Has malignant past reputation, but all of the younger residents have said it has changed.

My 50 cents.


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Sep 15, 2002
Thanks for your reply,

Yes, I noticed that all of us at SA were "non-traditional" candidates--good people though.

About Baylor...I agree that losing their most famous person hurt them clinically...and that among other reasons (like losing their major facilities likely) will contribute to a worsening clinical experience (far worse than MDA--or most schools for that matter). I wasnt saying that in the past they were good clinically. But now, I wouldnt say its the same program as it was 5 years ago. I actually finished med school about 4 years ago and at that time Baylor was considered a strong clinical program, especially with IMRT.
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