Opinions on these New York Programs

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Jul 16, 2008
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Anyone have an idea of how these programs stand in terms of comparison of rank:

1. Albert Einstein COM at Beth israel
2. NYMC at St Vincents.
3. SUNY downstate
4. Northshore LIJ

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I would also really like to know about these programs.
I would also really like to know about these programs.

SUNY Downstate has great faculty, and the residents seemed pretty good, but the hosptial is in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, and the facilities were pretty shabby. I think if you did research there, you'd get alot of support and could produce some fantastic publications, but I personally didn't like the area or the hospital.
In terms of ranking, from what I hear it's basically in the order of how the original poster has them listed.
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Just out of curiosity, how does SUNY Stony Brook compare to these programs? Any reply would be great...
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I would put North Shore-LIJ on top of the list. Then Stony Brook. Then AECOM, SUNY-Downstate and St Vin's.
Saint Vincent's is undergoing bankrupcy number 2 and reportedly all residency programs are disappearing.
When I was interviewing in 2006, the most miserable residents I saw on the interview trail were unquestionably at St Vincent's. Dark, dank facilities, low morale, high cost of living combined with low salaries, and questionable future of the hospital itself = low place on the ROL.
Another article in the NYT today about how the company that had previously offered to buy St. Vin's retracted their offer, basically dooming the hospital.