Nov 14, 2010
I'm a 21 year old career changer. I'd like to pursuit a career in the allied health field. I love dietetics, but have also been encouraged by my counselor to look into SLP and other health fields.

This is what I know:

- Can easily communicate with people
- Great at motivating others
- Want to have a rewarding job: helping people and actually being able to see the improvement
- low stress, yet good pay
- good job growth (opportunities)
- constant change is a must.. routines and monotony are a huge don't

I'd like to know your opinions: would SLP be a good idea? if you know about dietetics, what do you think about it? Any other allied health fields that might be suitable for me?

Thanksss :xf:


May 16, 2010
yes yes and yes. i dont know much about dietetics, but all my freinds from undergrad who were diet majors ended up changing their major, not getting a good job, or going to grad school for something different


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Dec 19, 2008
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I'm a 21 year old career changer.
First off, you're a 21 year old career changer????? What 21 year old has a CAREER? over achieving much lol just kidding, im jealous thats all.

BTW, where are you, do you still check this forum lol. And dont you have to do something post bacc in Dietetics to get a job nowadays.
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