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    Hey guys, I was wondering, does anyone know what the residancy is like for an ophthalmologist. Specifically, I want to be an opthalmologist for the express purpose of doing research - working in a university or other research lab. I am fairly confidant in my ability to get into medical school and grind it out in terms of the work load and even clinical experience, but I don't want ulitmatly, the responsibility to perform eye surgery and deal with patients, since, my interest is on research and research alone. My first career goal was to do a phD in Vision Science (usually offered in select few institutions under school of optometry). I know that getting a job in this field will be much easier and more secure if I am an ophthalmologist who did a md/phd program, and is now intending to do work as a researcher in the field of vision science. My question to anyone who may know more on the exact details of an ophtho residancy and how one goes in full time research after becoming an ophthalmologist - Is it possible to become an ophthalmogist and go directly into research without ever doing any official clinical work - outside of med school and the residancy? Do people who complete a md/phd ever go directly to research after med school and skip the residancy? And finally, given what I've said about my ultimate goal of pursing Vision Science research only, is med school and ophthalmology a waste of time (the main reason again for not wanting to to clinical ophthalmology and research at the same time for me is that I simply hate the idea of having to wake up in the morning and know I have to perform surgery on someone's eye for the rest of my life)?

    I'm currently in my second year of undergrad studies (biophysics and applied math double major). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a Bunch

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