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I used the 2018 version and it was fine

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Results are out, passed!

Walked out convinced I bombed one of the stems. Good luck everyone!
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Just want to give my experience since I’ve read everyone else’s on here for years.

I used UBP and HO. All ITEs and advanced were >90% so felt I had a good knowledge base, but I knew I was poor at oral board skills. HO was better for me personally. I liked the lecture format and the mocks were closer to the actual examiners.

OSCE was as the outline stated. Monitors section was trickier and faster paced than expected. I think would be better if they added that during the SOE somehow.

First case was a horrible nightmare. Was hit hard on subspecialty topics and realized I missed a potential major differential right as I was walking out.

Second case was straight forward and as expected. Hardest part was shifting gears between cases after coming out of a tough one.

Anyway just wanted to give my thoughts since it was really helpful to read everyone else’s. The exam caused a lot of anxiety and I wish there was another way to certify us. Glad I passed and don’t have to go through that again!
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Results out 5/6-5/10. Passed Oral and OSCE first time. Just wanted to share my experiences because reading others helped me.

I prepped for about 2 months. I bought UBP, would have been completely fine to use the pdfs floating around though. I used those only for content. Would read them to myself and answer questions out loud. But as many have said before, it’s a content resource. For practice I just used old exams. I mainly did practice exams with co resident who was taking it the same week. The practice exams, didn’t have answers so we would look them up ahead of time if we were giving the stem. We also utilized chat gpt to get answers which was actually very helpful. I liked practicing mainly with one person. We got through stems faster and we learned each other strengths/weaknesses and helped tease those things out. I did a few practice exams with attendings and other co residents just for a different vibe.

For the osce, I bought UBP osce and it was 100 percent worth it. I did the mock osce with UBP. Thought it was helpful as well because i could see the problem with how others were answering. Helped me see mistakes you could easily make. I spent probably 2 weeks on the osce. Practiced ultrasound at the hospital. Was lucky that my hospital had the same ultrasound used for the real thing.

Day of ran really smoothly from a logistics standpoint. I did the osce first. It was very similar to UBP. I just used their checklists. Sat down and tried to be empathetic. Thought all the stations went really well. Except I really botched the monitors section. Didn’t end up failing me so don’t worry if you have trouble with them.

Oral board stem 1 went really well. Seemed straight forward. My stem was wild, but the questions were easy. I could anticipate the next question. It just went so well and I could tell by the end they were killing time. The grabbags were also very straight forward. I got through the main points quickly and believe they were just killing time then as well.

The second stem was completely different. The stem was straightforward but the questions were hard. The examiners demeanor was completely different. A lot more hostile and were cutting me off. They were jumping between topics and it was hard to keep stuff straight. I think this is intentional because I have heard this from multiple people. My advice would be to slow down. I was answering questions too quickly. I should have taken a deep breath and just reiterated info then give my answer. It’s hard to explain but they can be all over the place. Grabbags were straight forward again and felt I got to the time killing phase.

Overall, I felt good about the osce but terrible about that second stem. I kept questioning my answers for that first week. I am happy to have passed and be done though.
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