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Oct 2, 2008
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Hey how's everyone doing? I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday!

So I was wondering...

In what order did you gu ys take your prerequisites?

I'm planning on getting Humanities, English, etc. out of the way first and then focusing on all the Math and Science courses later on. Just so I can have all the critical info needed for Pharmacy School in my head.

I'm still a senior in high school, hopefully I'll begin my road to Pharmacy School in Summer 09.

So before I begin officially I just wondred if you guys had any advice on this subject. Which courses aren't as important, what to take first, which course combinations were easy, which were difficult, etc etc.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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May 27, 2008
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What geographical area do you want to study in?

Just to let you know, it's still not too late to apply to some 0-6 programs (most of these, but not all, are in the Northeast). That way you're guaranteed a spot in the professional program and you wouldn't have to worry about orders of prerequisites and whatnot. Also, the admission requirements for some of these are really not that bad (basically comparable to being admitted into a relatively good but not stellar out-of-state college).
I never really appreciated the fact that I went to a 0-6 program until this year. Besides alleviating the stress of reapplying, another really good thing is that the GPA from your first 2 years counts toward your final GPA. Keep in mind that your prereqs will generally be easier than your actual pharmacy classes. So now my GPA is going down but I did pretty well my first 2 years so it'll compensate. This can be a downside for people that slacked off the first 2 years (many), but if you're focused on getting that PharmD then GPA counting for all 6 years is a good thing.


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Jan 21, 2008
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I would recommend starting the chemistry sequence as soon as you feel ready. Chem 1, 2, Lab, Organic I, II, Lab have to go sequentially so they take a minimum of 4 semesters to complete. I'm sure the labs may come in at different times in the sequence (per your school), but the general Chem 1 has to be completed before gen chem 2, which has to be completed before organic I, then organic 2. The biology/physics requirements you can throw in there whenever, they are a bit of a shorter sequence. I found the histories and humanities to be the hardest classes, just because of the lack of interest (and maybe the fact that they involved ESSAY tests...) lol


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Aug 23, 2008
Bay Area, California
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In a different light, maybe you should balance your english/humanities with your science/math. I know a lot of people in college who wanted to get their GE's done before their core requirements, then stressed out because they didnt have anything to balance out their workload.

Depending on the schools you are applying to, in this case a regular university then onto a pharmacy school, I agree with starting your chemistry series first. Those are most important to get done with and usually a pre-req for upper div bio classes sometimes. What I did/I'm doing... is I took my math and gen chem series together, and then taking organic chem and introductory biology series together. I'll take physics with my upper div bio reqts for my degree. Some people took all 3 ochem, bio and physics together (crazy for 3 labs....) and some people did physics and bio and ochem last... it all depends on what works for you I suppose.
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