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Thanks Todd...

We have info in a few places. You can find high-level info in our Provider FAQ webpage at http://www.orpdmp.com/healthcare-provider-faq.html. The Terms and Conditions at http://www.orpdmp.com/orpdmpfiles//PDF_Files/TermsandConditionsofUse_v2.0.pdf has some good detail on delegate use.

As for the DEA search, look at the Prescriber DEA Query section (pp. 21-24) of the Healthcare Provider’s Guide at http://www.orpdmp.com/orpdmpfiles//PDF_Files/OR%20PDMP_Healthcare%20Providers%20Guide.pdf. DEA searches are limited to those with DEA numbers and only their individual DEA number. The info provide is medication dispensed under their DEA number for the period specified by the search.

Todd Beran, PDMP Coordinator, Oregon Health Authority