Dec 29, 2018
So Im transferring to sfsu in the fall as a psych major. Im interested in IO psychology as well as clinical psych. I have a few questions concerning IO psych.
1. Masters or PhD for IO?
2. What does day to day work for an IO psychologist look like? what qualities should i beef up on over these next 2 years to make myself more attractive, ie; get good at stats, learn a second language, take extra business classes etc.
3. What does private practice look like for this profession?
4. expected Income in California? salaried and private practice.


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Feb 19, 2007
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What do you mean by "private practice" in IO. Or was that not about IO?

Certainly some folks have their own companies, but it would never be referred to as private practice. They dont do clinical work of any kind. I guess some might go into executive coaching, but that is really a seperate field that doesn't have all that much to do with IO.