Orgo Lab over Summer Advice??

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Oct 10, 2015
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I plan on graduating (a year early) this spring and still need to take Orgo Lab to fufill pre-med requirements. I took orgo 1 and orgo 2 already (my university separates out the lab). I could take Orgo lab this spring but I already have a crazy schedule so I would like to take Orgo lab during the summer at a local college near my school and have it transfer in as credit.

Do you think AdComs care that I took it over the summer? In addition, that it is from a less prestigious university? I will also not get a grade for the class because the transfer credit just comes in as a T, with no grades as long as I get a C.


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No and no to the first 2 issues. As for the grade issue: you'll still receive a letter grade at the summer courses' institution, right? It doesn't matter what grade your home university transcript shows, you will have to report and submit transcripts with the actual letter grade on them from your summer university on AMCAS.

If the summer university only gives "T" credit for passing you will have to take it somewhere that awards A/B/C/D/F grades.