Ortho Chances

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Apr 7, 2015
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Know these threads are quite redundant, but hadn't been on SDN in a while and wanted to try and get some thoughts on overall chances of ortho match...Ideally looking for more blue-collar, middle tier program

Medical School: Middle tier east coast program, non-top 25.
Step 1: 252
M3 grades: HP in psych, Honors in all the rest...AOA has not be awarded yet but definitely in the running for it

Research: One publication, though not Ortho related (hopped on the ortho train pretty late into 3rd year)...but should be able to possibly get atleast 1 ortho publication by time I submit ERAS, worried lack of research will hurt me.

Planning on doing atleast 2, possibly 3 aways.

Thoughts! Thanks in advance :)